Scholarship Program

The Purdue Grand Prix Foundation’s main goal is to raise money for student scholarships.  These scholarships are the only scholarships at Purdue University that are chosen by students and not the faculty or financial aid office.  Each year the Foundation awards over $10,000 to deserving students based on their campus and community involvement, academic achievement, and need. Scholarships are $750 per student awarded.

Apply for a 2020 Scholarship by clicking here

Email with any questions you may have regarding the scholarship.

Queen Program

The Purdue Grand Prix Queen program is designed to highlight students that identify as female within Purdue University of high academic standing that wish to promote the spirit of Grand Prix on campus and within the community. This program seeks to provide a developmental experience by allowing the involved individuals to build skills such as effective communication, self management, and creativity through promotion of the Purdue Grand Prix Foundation.

Applications for Race 64 will open in Fall of 2020.

For questions, regarding the queen program contact Molly Grotjan at