The Purdue Grand Prix Foundation’s main goal is to raise money for student scholarships. These scholarships are the only scholarships at Purdue University that are chosen by students and not the faculty or financial aid office. Each year the Foundation awards over $10,000 to deserving students based on their campus community involvement, academic achievement, and need.

Each year, the Purdue Grand Prix Foundation Selection Committee selects one or two Purdue Grand Prix Ambassadors, each awarded $1000 scholarships, and a varying number of General Scholarship Recipients, whom are awarded $500. The committee is composed of students in its entirety, helping the organization achieve its motto of “Students Helping Students”. As stated before, the Purdue Grand Prix Foundation is one of the only organizations on campus that actually generates scholarships by students, for students, and then selected by students. Scholarship and Ambassador applicants must fill out an application, which is based on student campus and activity involvement, as well as scholastic achievement, and of course, need. All applicants deemed qualifying for consideration by the committee are then each interviewed. After interviews are conducted and reviews are made, the selection committee then generates a list of recipients of scholarship awards and ambassador status. Both scholarship recipients and ambassadors are intended to posses the spirit of Purdue Traditions and have the similar goals of supporting and continuing the Purdue Grand Prix Legacy.

This year, The Purdue Grand Prix Foundation is Proud to Present the 2017 Purdue Grand Prix Race 60 Award Recipients!

Jacob Tebbe

Alyssa Lambrecht
Amanda Parsons
Aubrey Hunt
Briee Landis
Chad Lawrence
Dane Chapman
Devin Lux
Emily Converse
Haley Jones
James Krenz
Kelsey Cochran
Madison Durham
Madison Smith
Makayla Schannen
Mya Lorenz
Olga Vlashyn
Songhao Wu
Syrus Fletcher