Kyle Haas, a chemical engineering major, is from Evansville, Indiana and is in his fourth year on the Foundation. Three years ago, he served as a Race Junior Board Member before his role as President’s Assistant as a sophomore.  Last year, Kyle served as Co-Race Director for the 60th Anniversary Race.  As a senior Kyle will serve as Race 61 President.  Kyle’s favorite part of Grand Prix is the actual race day, and seeing the sense of community and pride it brings to the Boilermaker family!  He can’t wait to work with the great senior and junior board going to be a part of this year’s race and looks forward to the success of the foundation!



Director of Administration: 

Caitlinn Lineback is a junior from Lafayette, IN majoring in Food Science. She is entering her third year with the Foundation, previously having served on the Business Junior Board for the 2016 race and the Director of Business for the 2017 race. Her responsibilities as Director of Administration include organization of the foundation, recruitment, and scholarships. In addition to being a member of the Purdue Grand Prix Foundation, Caitlinn is a member of Purdue Ag Ambassadors, Food Science Club, and Food Science Envoys. Her favorite part of Grand Prix is continuing a Purdue tradition that has brought excitement to campus for 61 years!  



Director of Business:

Kathleen Jacobs from Huntington, IN, is a junior dual majoring in Ag Economics and Ag Communications. This will be her third year being involved with Grand Prix having served as a Grand Prix Ambassador and Director of Promotions in the past. Her responsibilities as Director of Business include include managing the budget and financing for all Purdue Grand Prix activities. In addition to her involvement with the Grand Prix Board, Kathleen is involved with Ag Council, Ag Week Task Force, as well as Collegiate Farm Bureau. Her favorite part of Grand Prix is the rich traditions it holds and the ability it has to bring both alumni and students together to share their matching excitement for both Purdue and the Grand Prix.


Directors of Race:

Raymond (Trey) Sanfrey is a senior from Fort Wayne, Indiana who is studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. This is his second year involved in Grand Prix, having been a member of the Cavalier Racing pit crew for the 59th race. As Director of Race, he is responsible for ensuring the safety of all race participants. This includes all practices, qualifications, and the race, in addition to facilitating technical inspections conducted by the safety officials. His favorite part of Grand Prix is the race day atmosphere and the passion with which the teams compete.

Brandon Long, is a junior from Dyer, Indiana. He is studying Network Engineering with a minor in Management. This is his second year involved in Grand Prix, he served as a junior board member on the race committee for Race 60. In addition to Grand Prix, he works one of the two replay machines for Purdue basketball and football home games; he also works as a Network Engineering aide for ITaP. From 2006-2010, he raced karts at a dirt track called Jules Raceway in Wilmington, Illinois. As Co-Director of Race, he is responsible for ensuring that practices, qualifications, and the race are completed safely. In addition to ensuring the safety of race events, he is also responsible facilitating the technical inspections conducted by the safety officials. His favorite part of Grand Prix is the passion that the teams bring to the track and the energy on race day.


Directors of Sales:

Jarrett Burroughs is a Sophomore from Brookston, Indiana majoring in Sales and Marketing.  He is entering his second year as part of the Grand Prix Foundation, previously serving as the President’s Assistant.  His responsibilities as the Co-Director of Sales and Marketing includes building relationships with corporate sponsors and managing the merchandise and ticket sales.  In addition to being a part of the Foundation, Jarrett is part of the Agribusiness club serving as a member on the Ag week committee in order to promote the club to other students on campus.  His favorite part about the Grand Prix Foundation is being able to be a part of one of the oldest traditions at Purdue and also meeting new people.

Adam Gooding is a senior from Monticello, IN.  He is currently working towards his Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness Sales and Marketing with a minor in Crop Science.  Outside of the Grand Prix Foundation, he is a member of FarmHouse Fraternity.  Adam served as a Junior Board member for Race 60 and is currently the Co-Director of Sales for Race 61.  He enjoys his role on the board as it gives him the opportunity to continue the tradition of the Grand Prix Race and work with his peers to prepare for another year of racing.


Director of Facilities:

Austin Hubbell

Austin Hubbell is a Junior from Rushville, IN. He is currently working to earn a Bachelor of
Science degree in Agribusiness Marketing. It is Austin’s second year with the foundation; where
he previously served on the Sales Junior Board for Race 60. Outside of the Grand Prix
Foundation, he is a member of FarmHouse Fraternity and a College of Ag Ambassador. His
favorite part of Grand Prix is helping to continue the tradition of Students helping students and
providing a wonderful environment for Racing.


Director of Productions:

Emily Kender is a Graphic Designer pursuing her bachelor's degree in Visual Communications Design with a minor in Philosophy.  She enjoys the challenge of thinking creatively and displaying her passion to communicate through image and text.  Aside from Grand Prix, Emily has participated in Purdue’s contemporary Dance Company, due to her love of the visual arts.  As the Director of Productions for the Purdue Grand Prix Foundation her responsibilities will include the designs for handouts, apparel, promotional items, posters, tickets, and the program for the 61st annual race! “I am very excited to display the importance of this treasured tradition through my works this year.  It’s truly an honor.”


Director of Scoring:

Connor Quin, from Peru, Indiana, is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering technology and minoring in electrical engineering technology. This is Connor’s 3rd year serving on the Purdue Grand Prix Foundation. Connor has been involved in the scoring of the race from the 59th, to the current 61st year, and has enjoyed his time with the organization. With responsibilities that include accurate time keeping and signal monitoring, the scoring director is directly responsible for ensuring that all results are valid and precise. The Purdue Grand Prix scoring technology has dramatically advanced throughout the years, as now every cart is fitted with an electronic transponder unit, which signals lap times and trigger points throughout the track. Aside from promoting the race, Connor also is involved on campus with his major’s Co-Op rotation program, and the AFS (American Foundry Society) club. Connor’s favorite part of the program, is to not only enjoy learning all the technical aspects of the scoring process, but also the environment that is created and all the people he gets to meet.


Director of Special Events:

Brooke Schafer, from Chebanse, IL, is a sophomore studying Plant Genetics and Agricultural Economics.  This is her second year with the Foundation, previously serving as a Sales Junior Board member.  Her responsibilities as Director of Promotions include assisting in promoting the race and events leading up to it through working with local media and various groups throughout Purdue. She also helps plan and execute events associated with the race such as Grand Prix Day and the Victory Banquet. In addition to Grand Prix, Brooke is also involved in  Collegiate Farm Bureau. Her favorite part of Grand Prix is the opportunity it provides to be a part of one of Purdue's biggest and most well known traditions, while also helping other students.


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